The New Kid on the Block


We have been sampling our Fruity Brew for some months now and have been encouraged by the feedback we’ve received from those who taste-tested it. This feedback helped us fine tune the recipe and we are now all set to debut our new kid on the block!

To ensure our new kid stands on strong legs we sent Fruity Brew samples for testing to our District Council’s Environmental Health Office (EHO) . We sent the EHO team some bottles for tasting too. We are delighted to report that we’ve got a thumbs up from them on both counts.

It is now time to introduce you to Happy Belly Fruity Brew. Our Brew is fermented with culture derived from raw cow’s milk kefir grains. The culture produces a delicious lightly fizzy beverage which is decanted and fermented again with seasonal organic fruits, roots, and herbs to develop aromatic fruity flavours.

The second fermentation is kept ever changing with inspired combinations to delight and surprise. We will launch with apple + ginger, pomegranate + strawberry , pear + fennel and kiwi + ginger; flavours which proved to be the popular during our taste sampling. Where we go from here will be limited only by Nature and our imagination. We invite you to join us on this boundless adventure!

Rachna Jhala