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Chikki is a traditional snack from Gujarat, India. It is prepared to a recipe incorporating ayurvedic principles of ingredient combination. 

Whole roasted seasame and aged jaggery are the principal ingredients in our Chikki. Both are superfoods in their own rights. 

Chikkies are an energy boosting snack good for oral care, belly health, joint health, heart health, anaemia, anti inflammatory, lowering blood pressure and more. 

It is little wonder that the combination of delicious taste and all round health benefits packed in this ancient recipe has been sanctified by tradition. Sesame and jaggery sweets are prepared for Makar Sankranti and Lohri festivals celebrated across the Indian subcontinent in January every year.

Ingredients: organic whole sesame, aged jaggery & warming spices.

Best enjoyed: within 12 weeks of making.

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