Raw Cow's Milk Kefir

Raw Cow's Milk Kefir

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Kefir is a traditional cultured milk beverage from the Caucasus mountain region of Eastern Europe with a revered history of over 2500 years. Little is known about the origin of kefir or its mother culture. Local legend has it as a gift given by visiting prophets in ancient times for health and well-being.

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  • If you happen to live locally to us (8 mile radius of Edenbridge, Kent, TN8) we offer a weekly home delivery on a subscription basis. Please fill out our subscription form and we will make arrangements to deliver to you.

  • For online orders, we offer two box sizes. Please select your preferred option below.

Ingredients: organic raw cow’s milk & authentic kefir grains.

Best before: 10 days after making. Kefir doesn’t spoil and can be consumed safely beyond the given date.

To find out what makes our kefir special please scroll down.

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Unpacking the wisdom

Modern science has begun to unpack the ancient wisdom within kefir. One small glass contains:

+billions of bacterial and yeasts – over 31 strains of bacteria and yeasts

+ vitamins - B2, B6, B12 , Vit C, Vit D, Vit K2

+ digestive enzymes

+ pre-digested milk proteins

+ bio available milk minerals - calcium, magnesium and phosphorous

+ much reduced lactose (milk sugar) compared to milk

+kefiran - a pre-biotic polysaccharide unique to kefir which nourishes all microbes present in the belly microbiome encouraging a flourishing rainforest of microbial life in the GI tract with regular intake.

A diverse and thriving belly microbiome is the foundation for robust physical and mental health and a resilient immune system.

Having kefir may be beneficial for those recuperating after surgery or illness. Kefir may be suitable for those with impaired digestion, food sensitivities, candida overgrowth and those on a low glycemic diet. Even those with lactose intolerance may be able to enjoy kefir, introduced gradually into their diet.


Why our kefir is special

Raw & organic cow’s milk

Raw organic cow’s milk is a complete food with all the 8 essential amino acids (proteins), minerals, over 60 enzymes, all vitamin groups, omega3 fats and gut friendly microbes. Pasteurisation of milk destroys its gut-friendly microbes, its heat sensitive vitamins and makes milk harder to digest. Kefir has a pH of < 4 making it safe for consumption without the need for pasteurisation. Organic standards in dairy farming are better for us, the herd and the planet.

Original kefir grains to culture milk

Unlike many brands which use freeze dried kefir culture we use authentic kefir grains to make our kefir.

Local ties

Our milk comes fresh from pasture fed cows at Commonwork Organic Dairy Farm, Bore Place, Kent TN8 7AR. Happy Belly kefir is cultured and bottled within a 48 hour cycle and delivered locally within an 8 mile radius. This makes our kefir deliciously fresh and with a distinct local character!

We are a small artisanal operation

We culture raw milk into kefir in ambient conditions just as it was done thousands of years ago. We even rock our churns by hand! We do not interfere with the culturing process leaving it all to the time tested wisdom of the kefir mother culture. We believe this imbues our kefir culture with robustness and intelligence to adapt to the changing seasons.

Mindfulness & the lightness of being

We try to be mindful about every aspect of our service. Starting with our commitment to bringing well being to the communities we serve to treading lightly with our carbon footprint on the earth.


Suggestions for use


Enjoy our kefir as is. It is a tangy and effervescent beverage packed with goodness for your belly.


Blend with seasonal fruits, herbs, spices and sea salt for delicious and healthy sweet or savoury smoothies.

Marinate meats

Marinate poultry and other meats with salt and kefir to tenderise, improve taste and add nutritional value to it.

Cream Cheese

Straining kefir through 2-4 layers of cheese cloth separates the curds and whey. Curds blended with cream and sea salt makes a delicious home made cream cheese.

Lacto fermented vegetables

Kefir whey, sea salt and water can be used to preserve vegetables into enzyme rich relishes


Kefir or kefir whey added to boiling milk curdles it into paneer. Collect the paneer curds in a cheesecloth and hang for a few hours to get delicious home made paneer. The left over paneer whey can be used to knead dough or make soups and dals.