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If You Love It, Share It

From the most ancient times, certain foods were recognised to have special restorative and health giving properties. These were enshrined within their local traditions and passed on from generation to generation. Our ancestors across cultures have been leaving us a rich legacy of wise traditions to dive into and benefit from.

Growing up I learned from my grandmothers that raw milk and yogurt were helpful in dealing with skin problems like acne and even vaginal infections. The word is now out in avant-garde beauty and wellness circles about the benefits of topical probiotics for healthy skin. The times have finally caught up with my grandmothers!

A raw kefir and colloidal oatmeal pack is my staple favourite to rebalance and soothe irritated skin. 

Do share with us wise food and personal care tips from your family’s traditions with permission to post them in our blogs.

Peace and namaste.

Three Wise Women

Three Wise Women

From Russia with Love: My Kefir Story

I first learned about kefir from my Russian neighbour, Gala, in New York City. It was the 1990’s and many Russians had emigrated to the USA following Glasnost - carrying cherished traditions with them. Gala gave me some kefir grains, which she had brought over from Russia, and set me off on a journey into the micro-cosmological world of friendly bacteria and yeasts. My fascination continues to grow today as I engage with them when making kefir, grape and apple vinegars, relishes, cheese, sourdough breads, yogurt and fizzy home brewed beverages. 

Raw milk kefir is pure and simple goodness in every sense of the word. The relationship between kefir microbes and humans is so loving and easy . We feed them the lactose sugars they need to thrive and they transform raw milk into a tangy and safe superfood that brings us so much well-being. 

As so many of our health issues are connected to imbalances in our belly, we find improvements by just including this simple beverage into our diet.

I had suffered from chronic bronchial asthma since childhood. So many triggers would have me wheezing. When kefir entered our home I never considered it would cure me of asthma but that is what happened without my noticing. Months went by without a wheezing episode. Months grew into years with the last episode I can recall being in 2005. Since then, my lungs have grown calmer, more capacious and elastic to a point where I am able to go deep and strong into pranayama (yogic breathing practices). I rarely pick up seasonal infections and can honestly say I am in better health now than in my youth.  

I have raised my children (now young adults) without ever needing to use antibiotics or drugs. Confident in the workings of their kefir fortified immune system. 

Raw milk kefir has been a wonderful friend to me and my family. When I set up Happy Belly Foods in 2009, it was this love I wanted to share most with my larger family - the local community .

Peace and namaste.