Misti Doi

Misti Doi



Misti Doi is a sweetened speciality yogurt. It is made to a traditional recipe from Bengal, India using concentrated date palm sap to sweeten organic cow’s milk which has been slow cooked to develop its unique top crust and flavour. 

Because we make yogurt everyday we can safely use live culture from a preceding batch to make a new one. Just as yogurt has been traditionally prepared for thousands of years. This makes our Misti Doi a robust probiotic food which helps with digestion and restoring balance to the belly. Using a whole sweetener like date palm sap adds loads of minerals and vitamins to our Misti Doi.

How to order

Misti Doi is made to order and offered for local home deliveries only.

If you live within an 8 mile radius of Edenbridge, Kent Please fill out our subscription form and we will make arrangements to deliver to you. We encourage the reuse of the Misti Doi jars and will happily collect them with your next order.

For special orders and events, Misti Doi can be prepared in bespoke clay pots as was done traditionally. Write to us if this is of interest to you.

Ingredients: organic cow’s milk, date palm sap & live yogurt culture.

Best enjoyed freshly made. Please consume within 7 days of making.

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